How to Use AceStream


AceStream is a peer2peer video streaming site that is a bit similar to programs like BitTorrent. While it can be used to stream all sorts of content, it’s particularly popular with people who want to watch sports and movie content.

The software is free to use and allows users to watch things without having to download the entire file that they are watching. In order to get set up with AceStream, you first have to install it. This is a really easy process – just follow the instructions below.

The Installation

First, head to the AceStream official website and click on the download link there. Be sure to only get the installation file from the official site – third party files could be compromised by malware and can’t be trusted.

After downloading the file, run it and the install wizard will launch. Accept the terms of service, select which components to install and progress through the installation and you are good to go in just a few minutes.

Finding Content IDs

After you’ve successfully installed the program, you’ll want to start using it. In order to watch something, you need the relevant streaming URL or the content ID. This is a string of letters and numbers unique to each piece of content.

There are multiple ways to get these IDs, but the easiest way is Google (or your preferred search engine). Simply type in “Ace Stream content ID football” or whatever content you are looking for, and you’ll easily be able to find content IDs for different sports and events.

Alternatively, you can also use Reddit to find these IDs – different types of IDs will be available in different subreddits. Below is a list of some of the most popular ones:

  • r/NFLstreams for NFL football games
  • r/soccerstreams for soccer games
  • r/puckstreams for hockey games
  • r/MLBstreams for ML baseball games
  • r/MMAstreams for mixed martial arts fights
  • r/NCAAbbstreams for college basketball games
  • r/CFBstreams for college football games

Of course, there are others as well – look around or ask members of these subreddits if you need help finding something. There is likely someone who can point you in the right direction!

Using AceStream

Assuming you’ve found an interesting Content ID, all that’s left is for you to watch your chosen program. In order to do so, open the Ace Player application. If you are familiar with VLC media player, you should find it easy to work with this program, as AceStream is based on VLC.

If not: In order to view your content, open the Ace Player and click on Media. Next, click on Open Ace Stream Content ID – you’ll be prompted to enter that ID. When you have, all you need to do is click Play. It may take a little time until your video has buffered, but when it has, it will start playing automatically.

Tip: If, instead of a Content ID, you come across an AceStream URL starting with acestream://, you can still watch the video. Instead of clicking on Open Ace Stream Content ID, click on Open Network Stream and enter the entire URL there, then proceed as normal.

AceStream on Android

In addition to Windows, AceStream is also available on Android mobile devices. You can download the app for it from the Google Play Store. In addition to the AceStream Engine itself, you will also need to download VLC media player separately, if you don’t have it already.

The app works in the same way the desktop program does – simply open it, click on the menu icon and tap on Enter Content ID. Put your ID in and tap OK, then select VLC media player when prompted to choose a player.

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